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My philosophy

With a nurturing and supportive approach, I enjoy working with a broad range of people. To date, my clients have ranged from 17 to 87 years of age – and each has an amazing an unique story to tell (one which I believe their style should reflect).

I introduce you to tools, not rules, that you can use to inform and define your own personal style. I make no assumptions about how you like to present yourself or what you’d like to highlight or hide. I’m not interested in classifying bodies as letters of the alphabet or pieces of fruit because those categories are overly simplified and ignore consider personal considerations. I like to find out how you feel about your body shape and treat each individually.

Every client I encounter is unique and that’s the way I like it. I get to know you before recommending anything and I give equal attention to what’s on the inside as well as what’s on the outside. Because your intention, your values and your goals are at least as important as your body shape and colouring.

Conscious of the fast fashion industry’s contribution to global waste, I encourage mindful purchasing based on informed choices. Once you understand why you’re comfortable in some clothes and not others and how to combine outfits that make you feel good, you’ll know how to buy just the things you’ll enjoy wearing.


Who I am

I’m a lover of colour. I have a keen interest in twentieth-century fashion, social history and social justice. And I’ve always been fascinated by the people express themselves through their choice of clothing.

For over a decade, I’ve advised people on presentation and style (on both a personal and professional level). Based in Melbourne, Australia, I’ve worked in creative, community and corporate roles and have experience advising clients and facilitating workshops in both Australia and London. 

I was President of the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI) Melbourne Chapter from 2015-17, Associate Editor of AICI GLOBAL magazine and am the founder of Fashion by Foot personal-style walking tours. 

Donna is very talented at demystifying the world of what colours, fabrics and styles of clothing to wear to help with developing my own personal style for work and casual attire. Her professionalism and lovely nature allowed me to feel comfortable with her instantly.
— Kylie Abraham, Corio

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