New reasons to have a colour analysis

I’ve noticed a positive trend in 2019… traditionally it has been women over 40 who sought my advice on colour, whereas recently it has largely been people (men and women) aged around 30 or under coming to me.

And why is this positive? Because the younger people are curious about colour for a different reason...

Women over 40 usually decide to have a colour analysis for the following reasons:

  • they feel their bodies have changed post-babies, they struggle to find new things to suit them and figure colour is a good place to begin their style transformation

  • they want to refresh their image to make it easier to get back into the workforce

  • to ensure they still look relevant and contemporary

  • their colouring has become subdued and their favourite things no longer sit well on them

  • they’ve decided to embrace the grey or else to go really bold with hair colour so they want these changes to be reflected in their wardrobes as well

And while all the above reasons are really good reasons to have a colour analysis, younger people are coming to me for advice on colour because they’re considering the environment. These are some of the reasons they’ve given me for thinking about colour in their wardrobes:

  • they don’t want to simply discard of recently purchased clothes because they don’t work for them / co-ordinate with what they already have

  • they want to build a capsule wardrobe (particularly the professionals) where everything works to full capacity, they feel confident and there’s no waste

  • they want to live minimally, buying fewer pieces but selecting as well as possible

I’m hopeful that the days of fast-fashion and excess are on the decline. Having said that, I do have a lot of clothes, but each and every one is loved and cared for. Plus I frequently buy good quality, gently used pieces and everything works together seamlessly!

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