What's your wardrobe style?

When I delve into a woman’s wardrobe I usually see one of two things; either there’s a conglomeration of disparate but potentially exciting items or there’s a sparse, neatly ordered system with few pieces but in co-ordinating colours. It’s when I see this that I know for sure if the woman prefers numerous options with plenty of choice or if they like to stick to things they know and trust. This is more revealing than you might realise.  

The woman who has myriad items to choose from spends time constructing outfits on a daily basis, presumably gaining pleasure from this activity, and would most likely feel constrained by a more systematic process. A woman who prefers neatly co-ordinated systems may well look at a varied wardrobe as lacking an overall theme and coherence. They may feel overwhelmed by excessive choice, and prefer their daily outfit decisions to be more efficient. 

I say ‘daily’ because putting together a small but efficient wardrobe still requires time and effort but in the form of detailed planning and research upfront prior to purchasing. Alternatively, the woman who has more variety in her wardrobe most likely buys on impulse and perhaps based on emotion or intuition. 

This often informs the direction a Wardrobe Makeover takes. A woman with a large variety of clothing may require some culling or streamlining advice on how to make the most of what’s there. The woman with the small, ordered wardrobe may begin to feel restricted or bored by her range and want guidance on extending her collection to work effectively with what she has.

Personally, I like having variety in my everyday wardrobe and I enjoy the creative process of constructing outfits daily based on the occasion, the weather and how I feel. But because I know how to purchase garments in colours that co-ordinate well together and I’m aware of what styles, prints and fabrics suit me best, I can quickly and easily put together outfits that I’m happy with.

When I travel however (which I do frequently) I like to be efficient. I prefer to travel light so I pack carefully. I choose my colours and combinations with precision because whether I’m away for work or pleasure, I like to embrace the day with minimum fuss. I can pull numerous combinations out of my suitcase knowing they work, both aesthetically and on a practical level. My travelling wardrobe capsules give me a sense of freedom and confidence. But eventually I get bored. I always enjoy returning home to where I can create outfits on a whim.

Want to know how to make the most of your wardrobe or create capsule wardrobes for travelling? If you're interested in culling, expanding, refining or streamlining your wardrobe, I can help you do that.