You might be interested to read what other clients have said about working with me.

Donna is a delight to work with. She is relaxed, enthusiastic, knowledgeable, empathetic and encouraging. I really enjoyed working with Donna and loved how she got excited with me as we discovered things that worked for me! It was a very valuable experience going through my wardrobe with Donna. I felt excited and much more confident in my ability to put together outfits by the end of our session and like I had a new wardrobe as I learned how to use some of my clothes in new and better ways!
— Kim Tutty, Mirboo North
The session with you was enlightening and good fun. It certainly gave me the confidence to be more adventurous, so thank you Donna for the opportunity. I look forward to gradually adding to my wardrobe in time. It was lovely meeting you and a real pleasure.
— Marzena Szkoda, London
When I first met Donna there was something alluring about her; her ability to dress to suit her natural colouring was fascinating. I was curious to know how this was done…Donna has a keen eye for colour combinations that suit each person, lifestyle and your current wardrobe. She is discreet, insightful and has a keen understanding of the realities of every body shape. After a consultation in my home with my wardrobe laid bare I was able to revitalise my current wardrobe and combine pieces with amazing results. My jewellery, shoes, jackets, belts, dresses and tops were all thrown into the mix and I was encouraged to step out of my comfort zone (the only way to learn!) in combining pieces and colour. Donna also has a sound knowledge of materials, colours, textures and clothing shapes and how to combine these to create harmony and interest.
— Justine, Maribyrnong
I had a great time and believe I have had the best advice and support for glasses ever! Thanks so much.
— Effe Soropos, Fitzroy North
I really, really appreciate your professional and expert help choosing glasses today! You have made me feel confident that both pairs we found will look good. You are amazingly caring and patient in your guidance.
— Jenny Gleeson, Fitzroy North
I certainly felt that Donna had really listened to me, and reflected on my own needs and goals. There was no sense of having some kind of format applied to me – it was very personal and specific, and that felt very respectful. I was a little uncertain as to how the session would go as letting someone see your wardrobe is quite personal. Will I be ashamed of my clothes? What if we disagree? But it was the opposite – very empowering. Donna completely put me at ease and was totally non-judgemental, while at the same time being supportive and constructive with advice. Donna is very tactful and sensitive in her approach. I also felt that I needed Donna’s expert eye there to help with the colours, because I think a trained eye sees things quite differently. Donna has helped me identify the image I want to present at work.
— Lucy Morgan, Mont Albert
Recently Donna from Body Map was a key facilitator at a professional development residential program. Donna has been a fantastic supporter of Doxa for many years. Her presentation on expressing and applying personal style to the workplace was energetic, imaginative and thought provoking, leaving the second and third year cadets with some key messages and actions to follow up with.
— Daniel Findlay, Chief Executive Officer (former) Doxa Youth Foundation
Having my colours done by Donna has changed my life. Dressing, travelling and buying clothes is so much less stressful now. I look better and worry about how I look a lot less. Strongly recommend their services. Donna – thought of you while packing for a long weekend – love that everything matches!
— Zoe, St Kilda
I really recommend the Style Direction to anyone who is stuck in a rut with their image. I had already done the colour analysis and wardrobe planning sessions, and was curious to know even more. It felt like a real treat (in a frantic world of work, kids, chores etc) to sit down with Donna and really think about the impression I want to create, and the way I can achieve that (I am trying to change careers). This session has much more detail about things like pattern, fabric and proportions, which were fascinating. I think Donna is part clairvoyant, as she knew things about me I didn’t realise until she told me! The most amazing, magical part of this service, though, is when, after the session, Donna presents you with a portfolio of images of clothes that will suit you. OMG- I wanted to rush out and buy everything. All I need now is the time! I have now used Donna’s advice to dress for a job interview… and have just heard I got the job!
— Lucy, Mont Albert
Donna is lovely to work with and very focused on providing you with the tools and knowledge to understand what colours and shapes work for you and why. I now understand how I can make many of the clothes I already own work for me, why some work and some don’t and be more strategic in any new purchases – so ultimately good for budget and the environment! Highly recommended.
— Belinda Esperson, Ivanhoe
Donna is very talented at demystifying the world of what colours, fabrics and styles of clothing to wear to help with developing my own personal style brand for work and casual attire. Her professionalism and lovely nature allowed me to feel comfortable with her instantly and her knowledge is easy to implement for instant feel good changes.
— Kylie Abraham, Corio
Thank you so much for the wardrobe planning consultation! You’ve given me some great ideas and rekindled my enthusiasm for clothes as I move firmly into middle age!
— Moira Tate, London
Thank you so much for the colour analysis – I really enjoyed it. I have been shopping and purchased some very simple 3/4 sleeve t-shirts – they match the colours in my swatch perfectly. I nearly always get a comment about how well I am looking when I wear them. I am realising they even make me look well if I am feeling a bit tired or rundown. It never ceases to amaze me as the tops really are nothing special just cotton/linen blends, scoop necks and certainly not colours that are “in fashion” at the moment. Without realising it I have started to reorganise my wardrobe. I used to have the hanging section organised by type (Short sleeve tops, then long sleeve, then jackets). Now I seem to be organising it be colour. Those items that sit perfectly within my palette are grouped together, those that aren’t too bad next and then those that don’t really fit but I’m still attached to last! It is great because I can just grab a top and a jacket and it will pretty much work together. I can also report that I don’t walk aimlessly around the shops any more. I am in and out in a flash. If I spot something in my colour range I am prepared to try it on. It has simplified the process so much. Once again thank you for your advice – I appreciate your fine eye and skill.
— Amanda, Northcote
Your advice for travel packing has been working brilliantly! It makes shoe choices so easy and much simpler to pack. And my shirts are easy, too. Has radically changed my world for the better. I think it’s been about 5 trips+ since you suggested it. Oh my goodness. That just changed my life for the better in so many ways. Would have never thought of it without your help. Each time I pack, I say “God Bless Donna!”.
— Katharine Pike, Atlanta, Georgia
When I went to see Donna to get my colours done, I wasn’t sure what to expect but from the moment she started I could see how professional, intuitive and warm Donna is. I was amazed how quickly she was able to narrow down my colouring range and intrigued by the colour combinations that were presented. I left the session knowing more about what suits my skin colouring, the new colours I can explore and the potential combinations I can try. She gave me the confidence to try new colours and different combinations. Thank you Donna!
— Angela, North Fitzroy
I am well and truly a convert to your advice re colours and shapes! It was really great spending time with you. You have boosted my confidence no end!
— Claire Ridgway, Brunswick
Thank you so much for the amazing Style Direction session yesterday! I learnt so much. You did a fantastic job of really articulating my own style. Now I understand much better why some things just don’t feel right for me. I really liked how you helped me work on my strengths, and gave me specific examples of what to look for to realise my own particular style. It was a really positive and affirming session. You are very approachable, insightful and resourceful and have such a lovely warmth and openness.
— Lisa, Box Hill North
Thank you Donna for a great personal shopping experience!! You really helped me to forget size and find clothes that fit me well. Your patience and tips on how to accessorise and mix colours that are in my colour palette are already being put to good use! Thank you, thank you, thank you.
— Louise Arnold, Mirboo North
Not having worked in a professional environment before, Donna’s session gave me the ability to not only put together an appropriate outfit but also understand what makes an outfit inappropriate and why.”

When I think about coming to work I now take the time to ensure my presentation is neat and tidy in comparison to when I might be just casually hanging out at my friends house or on the weekend. I make a little extra effort.”

I now have a better understanding of professional behaviours and how presentation can say more about me before I have even said anything
— Workshop participants, MetroHub: Building Local Industry and Workforce Capability