Discover your style and express who you are. This all-encompassing session involves some prep work, some soul-searching and a face-to-face catch-up. During this session we will uncover what styles you like and what aesthetics you’re attracted to. You’ll learn about your physical attributes in a way you may never have thought to before. You’ll discover why some clothes work for you, why others don’t and what you can do about it.


What you'll learn at your style session

During our session, I’ll draw on my expertise as a personal stylist and image consultant to teach you any of the following:

  • How to dress for your body shape (both vertical and horizontal)

  • What clothing design features and cuts to look for and what features to avoid

  • How your personality impacts what you wear and how to incorporate your values into your outfit

  • What hairstyles, hats, jewellery and accessories work for you

  • How to select the best glasses for your face and personality style

  • About dress codes and how to dress for important events

  • How the fabric and textures you choose work either for you or against you

All the learnings from this session become part of of your very own Style File, a collection of personalised notes and images to guide you in analysing clothes, constructing outfits and sending the right message.

Donna is a delight to work with. She is relaxed, enthusiastic, knowledgeable, empathetic and encouraging... I felt excited and much more confident in my ability to put together outfits by the end of our session and like I had a new wardrobe as I learned how to use some of my clothes in new and better ways!
— Kim Tutty, Mirboo North


The session takes around 3 hours and costs $390.

To get the most out of this session, I recommend you first complete a reCOLOUR (Colour Analysis) session with me. This will make sure that your session is tailored towards the colours that best suit your skin tone, eye and hair colour.


Want to know more about the Style Direction session?

Keen to work with me on your style, but want to make sure we click first? Not a problem! Get in touch to arrange a complimentary 15-minute starter session via Skype or phone where we can chat about what you’re hoping to achieve.


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