With a wardrobe stuffed full of clothing, putting together an outfit each day can become an overwhelming task. You may even find yourself thinking, "I’ve got nothing to wear!". But don’t despair as you probably don’t need to buy more clothing.

Why? Because, I don’t endorse buying things just for the sake of it – and because hidden in your wardrobe – amongst the sale items with tags still attached, dresses that never really fit, trousers that did fit but never made you feel great – is almost certainly everything you need to put together a range of amazing outfits that look great and help you to feel great.

It just takes a personal wardrobe stylist with an objective set of eyes (mine), a cup of tea (or glass of wine!) and a good chunk of time to sort out the good from the bad and mix and match items in ways you’d never thought of.


What you'll learn during your wardrobe makeover

During this in-home session, I’ll help you work out:

  • What your wardrobe needs are
  • What clothing styles suit your body shape
  • What you’ve got and how to work with it
  • What you can alter or upcycle
  • What you can get rid of (let’s make space!)
  • Whether there are any gaps in your wardrobe

By the time I leave, you’ll have a perfectly organised and efficient capsule wardrobe of clothing, shoes and accessories that you can mix and match with ease – plus a list of items that you might want to buy in the future.

Thank you so much for my wardrobe analysis session! I am so grateful to have had your help (including baby wrangling!), not only was it quite a lot of fun, I feel clear and confident about how to put an outfit together. I can’t wait to wear the pretty ensembles!
— Rosemary, Greensborough


$290 for a 2-3 hour session

Travel within Greater Melbourne is included in the price though areas outside here may incur an additional travel fee.


Want to know more about the Wardrobe Makeover service?

Keen to work with me to review your wardrobe, but want to make sure we click first? Not a problem! Get in touch to arrange a complimentary 15-minute starter session via Skype or phone where we can chat about what you’re hoping to achieve.


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