December 2017

Fashion by Foot Q&A with Donna Cameron

James Fox of Inner Circle magazine speaks to Donna Cameron about her new venture, Fashion by Foot

July 2017

The empowering reason behind the Celine Dion fashion moment 2017

Donna speaks to Mamamia regarding the significance of Celine Dion’s style resurgence.

August 2016

Healthy Bones Action Week
Spotlight on fit, fab & 50 - Donna Cameron

Donna was selected to be a Fit, Fab and 50 Champion, encouraging women to guard against potential onset of osteoporosis.Read about Donna’s take on the importance of bone health and fashion tips for women in their fifties.

January 2016

AICI Global
Style up with upcycling

Donna discusses embracing upcycling as a solution to excess consumption as well as to create something special.

December 2015

Daily Life
The moment I knew I'd had enough

Donna describes why she enjoys working with Body Map.

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May 2015

Certain Women
Wellbeing & Style by Body Map

Nadine and Donna speak to Mary Goldsmith about their backgrounds, business philosophy and how they work with clients.

October 2014

Smart Healthy Women
Mood boost

Donna explains how making one small change to either the inside or outside of your body impacts both.

December 2013

Women's Health & Fitness
How to look good (almost) naked

Read about how swimwear shopping became a lot less painful for two women who sought Nadine and Donna’s guidance.

September 2013

Women's Health & Fitness
Shape shifting

Donna speaks to the Women’s Health & Fitness magazine, September issue, about changing body shapes throughout the twentieth century: