Gaining perspective

Around this time last year I lost my prescription sunglasses…

This was a tragedy! I rely on them heavily. I wear prescription sunglasses ALL the time, whenever I am outside, all year round. Along with my keys, they are the first thing I reach for as I leave the house. They protect me from Summer sun, Winter glare and Melbourne wind. Oh yeah, and they enable me to see better.

I lost them while I was very busy with clients plus Christmas was coming so I had little time to search for a new pair. But because I am a personal style consultant, and because I am trained to help others select the right glasses, my own choice had to be right! There was to be no getting around in glasses that don’t sit right, fit right, that clash with my colouring, jar with my clothing or look ridiculous given I don’t have the perfect oval shaped face that can wear so many different shaped frames. And then there’s those brow lines and nose width things to co-ordinate, and the fact that comfort is REALLY important to me.

So yes, it was a ‘tragedy’ losing my previous pair and having to go out to find another pair in limited time with all the above to consider. And proper glasses are not inexpensive, so getting it right is important.

But as it happened, this ’tragedy’ was a blessing in disguise! It was an opportunity to get in on the shift towards more contemporary shapes, to find something more in keeping with my own evolving style, and of course to get my eye health checked and update my prescription, which certainly eliminated any eye strain and squinting that had crept up on me over the past few years.

If you wear prescription glasses, whether sunglasses or specs, as much as I do, they really become a part of your face and when people visualise you, they visualise your glasses. Having glasses that appear to be an inherent part of you and your personal style makes a massive difference to the way you present. And you could be amazed at how much more comfortable a new, correctly adjusted pair of glasses can feel. If it’s time to ensure your eyes are healthy, protect them from UV rays and you’d like to give your face and spirits a ‘lift’ new glasses could be just the thing!

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and yes, there’s still time to grab some before Christmas!

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