New beginnings

This year I decided it was time for a little rebranding and I’m writing this in preparation of launching my new website, which I’m excited about. So how do I announce that and what does it mean to me?

Primarily, I must say that I feel very fortunate. The creative process is one I enjoy very much and that includes both having a hand in the website design as well as working creatively with my personal style clients as we look at colours, textures, shapes and discuss how best to tell their story sartorially.

There are many forms of creativity and as I write, surrounded by creative women designing and making fabulous fashion on their own terms, I’m reminded that it’s the anniversary eve of the Rana Plaza collapse in Bangladesh. If you’ve not heard of this, the collapse in 2013 led to 1134 garment workers losing their lives and approximately 2500 injured workers emerging from the building.

As I sit here tapping away at the keys, looking out at a tree-lined street, I acknowledge I am worlds away from these garment workers who were paid poorly to work long hours to make clothes that feed our ever-increasing lust for new clothing. But it is during this week in particular that we are asked to think about who makes our clothes and at what cost…

The connection to what I do? Well the better we become at choosing clothes well, ones we will wear and cherish and that will last more than a few washes, the more we contribute to slowing this fast fashion frenzy. To do that successfully we need to know what will really work for us, what will go with the other stuff we own, what we feel comfortable in, perhaps what flatters us or makes us smile and what makes us feel confidently and authentically ‘us’.

This is where a personal style specialist can help. Whether it’s helping you coordinate colours, showing you how to work with your body shape, analysing your wardrobe needs or helping you prepare for a special event or job interview, I can do it. And I won’t leave you stranded once the job is done; I’ll teach you how to analyse clothing so you will never again waste your money on clothes that don’t quite work and eventually end up in landfill. Working with a personal style specialist puts you on the road to mindful purchasing. I feel pleased and privileged to be able to guide you on this journey.

New beginnings with a new brand and a new website.
Laura Coutts