The question of shoes

I have 11 pieces of metal in my leg, just above the ankle. They’ve been there since I broke my leg in three places in my late 20s. The scarring is sensitive where my leg was opened up to insert the metal and because the scar extends down to beyond my ankle bone, I have to be careful what footwear I choose.

Since the 90s I have mainly worn low heeled or platform shoes and boots; things like:

  • Doc Martens

  • cowboy boots

  • loafers

  • lace-ups

  • oxfords

  • brogues

  • espadrilles

  • mules

  • mary-janes

  • military boots

  • ankle boots

  • chelsea boots

  • clogs

I don’t mind spending money on them because it’s important that they’re comfortable and well-made. At first it was tough finding flat or low heeled footwear that I liked, but fortunately other independent and active women have discovered the joys of comfortable shoes so there are loads around now. To be honest, I have a lot!

Interestingly, I’ve only come to runners quite recently. I was never a gym person, preferring to swim. But I do have a pair now that are superbly comfy (I best not mention the brand). But because they’re ‘real’ runners, they’re kind of ugly. So I’ve been out there trying on a range of the more hip looking runners because I do like the look of the traditional styles; remember ‘gym boots’ from the mid twentieth century?

But guess what?! I haven’t found any really comfortable ones! And they’re not cheap. So I just wonder now why so many people wear them... If they’re not comfortable, not cheap and only look sort of average, I’m not sure I get it! Perhaps most people think runners are by default the most comfy footwear. But they’re not. Not unless they’re built for speed and not fashion. 😉

Fortunately I have a great range of funky footwear that’s much more comfortable and looks uber hip too. 😉